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Your First Visit

  1. Consultation

    On your first visit, we'll discuss your needs and goals in order to determine if chiropractic treatment is the best option for you. You may also view a short informational video that explains what Chiropractic Care is and its effect on healing the body.

  2. Health History

    Please download, print and fill out our Registration and Health History Form. Please bring this is with you at your first visit. Doctor John will discuss this with you and gain an understanding of your general health.

  3. Physical Exam

  4. We will perform a physical exam to determine your current health, and identify any problems you are having. The exam may include checking your:

    • balance
    • posture
    • reflexes
    • range of motion
    • muscle strength
    • blood pressure

  5. X-Rays

    If necessary, we may take x-rays or other tests in our office to better assess your physical condition.

  6. Diagnosis and Treatment

    Based on your health history, the results of your physical exam, and any x-rays or lab reports, Doctor John will be able to diagnose and treat your condition. Treatment may include spinal adjustments, postural correction, and/or physical therapy. He may also suggest exercises to do at home, vitamin supplements to take, and offer nutritional counseling.

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